Five Life-Enriching Email Newsletters that Will Expand Your Mind

Ideas in = ideas out. That’s one of the signs hanging up here at Quest. It’s a reminder that a growth mindset requires an omnivorous appetite for learning. There’s no shortage of ideas flying around at this office. From the metabolic benefits of a ketogenic diet to Simon Sinek’s take on true leadership, our minds never go home hungry.

For this environment of constant growth and learning—what we call Quest University—I am ever grateful. I know from experience that most companies prioritize efficiency over enrichment. The good news is we are now living in a world where information that has the power to shake us out of our slumber is literally at our fingertips.

Not only is information readily searchable on our phones, email has once again become a powerhouse of communication and many companies and individuals are using it to deliver incredible value directly to our inboxes. With that much quality, curated content around, daily growth is inevitable. To get you started, here are five email newsletters that will expand your mind every day.



Highbrow is an educational newsletter that provides personal, bite-sized lessons on a whole spectrum of topics with the promise of helping you “learn something new every day.” You can power-up on a wide-range of subjects, from history to productivity. Put simply, Highbrow is email nurturing for the lifelong learner.

Each course is ten days long, with a new lesson delivered each morning. The emails are concise, rich with useful information, and take no more than five minutes to read. Courses are authored by subject matter experts in that field. And new ones are added weekly. A few standouts include “Small Habits that Yield Big Results,” “Significant Futurists and Their Ideas,” and “How to Validate an Idea.”

The beauty of Highbrow is its simplicity. In just a few clicks you’re on your way to acquiring a new skill or set of knowledge. And their automated reminders make it easy to enroll in your next course. Highbrow does all of the work of leading you to the water; you just have to be willing to drink.

Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings

Alright, this one may not be daily, but the quality of content in one day makes up for the six days of email silence. Billing itself as an “interestingness digest,” Brain Pickings is probably the most eclectic and thought-provoking newsletter on the list.

Written by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings is a curated shot of inspiration from the world’s greatest thinkers. There’s somethings for everyone here, as Popova assembles unique posts on famous artists, astronomers, philosophers, authors, and neuroscientists, elucidating a particular idea with a child-like curiosity. You can learn about author Neil Gaiman’s thoughts on why people read, or Bruce Lee’s ideas of willpower, or photographer Susan Sontag’s perspective on the cultural impact of self-portraits.

Popova uses excerpts from old and new texts in each post, opening doors into fascinating worlds for anyone who might want to dive in deep. Her arrangements are original and a great reminder that hidden perspectives and kernels of wisdom lie in even the most well-known concepts.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt

I’ve come to the realization that before I found Product Hunt I was lost. Maybe that’s an overstatement, but the product curation website and newsletter has opened my eyes to the astounding innovation that is happening in our world every day.

Creator Ryan Hoover built Product Hunt because he wanted “a way to find all of the cool new things that the startup community would find interesting.” Product Hunt relies on a crowd-sourcing model to surface the latest and greatest apps, websites, podcasts, and books and ranks them according to popularity. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship or technology startups, innovation, or just need a boost of creative inspiration, you should subscribe to Product Hunt.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a life-changing tool, website, or book because of their simple, yet powerful emails. Plus, their curated collections are very helpful for anyone trying to solve a specific problem.

My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

At Inside Quest, we’re fascinated by people who have achieved their visions of success and happiness. We want to know what makes them tick and how they got to their positions in life. One thing that most successful people have in common is following a strict daily routine whose morning hours are often the most pivotal.

My Morning Routine has created an inspiring email newsletter around sharing the morning routines of the world’s highest achievers. You get to read about the habits of people like Arianna Huffington, Rand Fishkin, Grace Bonney, and Ryan Holiday and implement their best patterns into your own life.

You’ll learn why Ryan Holiday writes early in the morning before doing anything else. Or why Arianna Huffington doesn’t like alarm clocks. These daily emails aren’t just practical guides for being more effective, they’re small windows into the psyches of standout performers. Trust me, read a few routines and your morning hours will never be the same.

Morning Shorts

Morning Short

Need a daily dose of imagination before you start your busy day? Michael Sitver created the Morning Shorts newsletter to bring you just that. Morning Shorts sends curated short stories from the most famous masters of the abbreviated literary form. Read amazing, five- to 20-minute tales from the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle, James Baldwin, Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain, and Jack London.

And although the daily newsletter format now costs $3 per month, you can still get two stories a week free. The paid version also provides a twice-weekly podcast so you can listen to the stories read aloud. If cultural enrichment is important to your individual growth, then I highly recommend this smart, simple newsletter.

With so much stimulating information available, we never have to feel stagnant again. Every moment is an opportunity to be learning, growing and striving. What once would have required an extended trip to the library is now a swipe away. It’s a beautiful time to be alive. Share your favorite email newsletters below or on Twitter @InsideQuest.


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