Alex Wilcox

JetSuite Founder on the Art of Asking for Help

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Alex Wilcox was a pilot by the age of 16, he paid for his flying lessons with money that he earned working every conceivable job you can imagine at his local airport. He cleaned, he loaded, fueled. All in an effort to finance his love of flying. But it wasn’t until after college when Nail Drivers, the rock band that he’d been managing since graduating, imploded in Florida that he turned his sights to making aviation his full-time career. Starting at the ground floor, through grit and determination, he went from Virgin Atlantic ticket counter agent in Miami to a junior executive in New York in just three months. After a winning tenure there, he departed and co-founded the massively successful airline, JetBlue, and he’s been credited as the driving force behind many of the industry changing innovations that we all enjoy while traveling today.

Alex Wilcox is fearless in business in the face of absolutely ridiculous odds. Founding companies is hard, but founding an airline seems crazy. Wilcox has done it four times! He’s an Aspen Institute Henry Crown fellow—a fellowship designed to identify leaders that have the potential to transcend basic success and be truly significant in the world. He’s the co-founder of JetBlue, Kingfisher Air in India, JetSuite and JetSuiteX, where he is currently the CEO of JetSuite.

On this episode of Inside Quest, David takes us from lessons in jiu-jitsu to creativity in the boardroom.

what you'll learn
  1. Why asking questions is key to finding solutions.
  2. How to cultivate empathy.
  3. How to efficiently use 8 mins to reconnect with your team.
  4. Why asking for help matters.
  5. When to lay your vulnerability on the table.
  6. The Checklist Manifesto.
  7. When to question authority.
  8. The Myth of the CEO.
  9. How to build the pieces leading up to a Moonshot.

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