Criss Angel

The Magic of Persistence and the Power of Rejection

Guest Biography

Criss Angel is arguably one of the most successful magicians of all time! Criss is the creator, director, executive producer, and star of the new smash hit Las Vegas show, “Mindfreak Live!” at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. Part entertainer, part rock star, and all heart, Criss has dominated the world of magic for over a decade and loomed large over the Vegas strip for almost as long with his smash hit show, Believe.

You may look at him now and think of him as an overnight success, but Criss Angel is truly one of the hardest working people in the business. But it all began in Long Island, New York. Born to Greek immigrants, Criss fell in love with entrepreneurship and magic at a young age. Ultimately he married the two to build an unprecedented magic empire. Known for his around-the-clock grind, he’s performed more hours of prime time magic than any other magician in history through his show Mindfreak, the most successful magic show of all time, with six seasons and 100 episodes.

Criss Angel dazzles in this episode of Inside Quest – watch now!

what you'll learn
  1. Why rejection can be a powerful motivator.
  2. How to stay hungry in paradise.
  3. The importance of sweat equity.
  4. How to commit to the process.
  5. The power of believing in yourself.
  6. How to find your niche.
  7. How to deal with naysayers.
  8. Criss Angel’s greatest life mission.

guest tips

Turn rejection into fuel...
I came to Vegas in the ’90s for the first time and I had big dreams and saw a lot of billboards of Siegfried and Roy and wanted to live my dream like so many others prior to me. And I went to a management company that was a C-level agency and asked if they would rep me and basically got a rejection letter. Not from the person, but from his assistant, kind of passing on me and wishing me the best of luck. Well, that can do two things to a person. It could fuel you or it could make you wanna give up. For me, it was fuel. Those types of responses along my path were my fuel because I really believed in myself.
Practice your craft--anywhere and everywhere...
I worked 18 years, as I said, to become an overnight success, dreamt about it even longer than that and was willing to do whatever I had to do to get one step closer to my dream. And so I did a lot of shows. I’ve done shows for free. I’ve done birthday parties. I’ve done corporate shows. I’ve played in S&M clubs. I’ve played in gay clubs. I’ve played in straight clubs. I played wherever I could get an audience.
Stay the course for ultimate achievement...
The journey is much greater than the destination. It’s a lot easier to get where you want go even though it seems very difficult at the time. But once you get there, to remain there, to remain the most relevant at your craft takes even more work. And so for me, I never look over my shoulder at what others are doing or what I have done, I always look ahead into the future about what I want to do. And I never believed my own hype. I’m only as good as my last show and I’m only as good as my next show.
Find happiness in your craft...
Being a doctor, a lawyer, a millionaire, an entrepreneur, doesn’t equate to happiness. What equates to happiness is doing what you love. And the things that you can’t buy are the most valuable: love, health, and happiness. So happiness is there. There are people that work fast food restaurants that could be happier than you and I. Because society has put, essentially, a factor of relating success to money, to purchasing things. And when you come into money, you purchase all these things, and you realize it doesn’t make you happy.
Locate your drive...
I think it’s either innate in you, or it’s not. You know what I mean? You get 10 people in a room, you have 10 different personalities, right? Some people choose to sit down, some people choose to stand up and it’s all about how that person is raised, what they believe, what they’re taught. It’s all of those things that go into the equation that formulates somebody’s personality. So I could sit there and say, “Go for it, go for it, go for it,” but at the end of the day that may not make a difference. It’s like telling a smoker to stop smoking; they’re not going to want to stop smoking unless they want to stop smoking. So the people that are going to be successful are going to be successful and they’re going to try to reach their goal whether I say something or not.

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