The Champion’s Mindset

How the World's Best Athletes Build Mental Toughness

About This Episode

Sugar Ray Leonard, Laird Hamilton, Patrick Blake Leeper and the world’s elite athletes share their secrets for cultivating a champion’s mindset on Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu. In this episode, you’ll get the insights and motivation you need to crush your goals and perform at the top of your game every single day.

Guest List
  1. [1:08] Bo Eason: Former NFL player, renowned playwright and actor
  2. [4:12] Firas Zahabi: World-class MMA coach and Muay Thai champion
  3. [6:23] Joe Donnelly: Former NFL player and fitness entrepreneur
  4. [8:34] AJ Hawk: NFL linebacker and Super Bowl Champion
  5. [10:11] Gabrielle Reece: Champion pro beach volleyball player, model, best-selling author and fitness leader
  6. [12:59] Patrick Blake Leeper: World record setting runner, international Paralympics gold, silver and bronze medalist
  7. [15:27] Kenny Florian: UFC fighter, three time title contender
  8. [17:41] Mark Divine: Former Navy Seal, founder of SEALIFT, best-selling author
  9. [19:34] Laird Hamilton: Legendary surfer, best-selling author, inventor, innovator extraordinaire
  10. [22.27] Tim Grover: Renowned all-star athletic trainer, CEO of Attack Athletics
  11. [28:16] Sugar Ray Leonard: Legendary sport icon, world champion boxer, Olympic gold medalist, best-selling author

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