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Simon Sinek understands leadership. He combines aspects of biology and psychology, within the context of the human condition. This approach gives Simon’s insights unparalleled potency and usability. His lessons on leadership ring true, not only because he spent the better part of a decade systematically studying them, but because his transition from marketing consultant to evangelist for global change came as a result of a personal crisis. Having fallen out of love with the very company he created, he turned a bout with depression into a revolution of the self that has helped him become one of the most impactful voices in the world of leadership. His TED Talk on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is the third most viewed talk of all time on

Simon Sinek is the two-time, best-selling author of “Start With Why,” and “Leaders Eat Last,” whose ideology has captured the imagination of some of the most important leaders of our time, including the heads of many Fortune 500 companies, the US Government, multiple branches of the military, and the United Nations. This man’s vision for the future of leadership is so inspiring, and he shares his insights on this episode of Inside Quest.

what you'll learn
  1. Why everyone has the capacity to be a leader.
  2. How to create environments that foster success.
  3. Identifying the signs of bad leadership.
  4. The meaning of courage.
  5. How to measure leadership.
  6. Why creating a work family is so important.
  7. Why we all have the right to love our jobs.
  8. Why Millennials struggle with career success.

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The Courage to Lead: 5 Lessons in Leadership from Simon Sinek


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